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Hello everyone on the internet! So you have been searching for the basics of Digital Marketing, in that case, let me tell you that you are in the right place for the right information. “Online Marketing” was originated approximately three decades before. With more and more mobile and internet users, people started searching for the products and services on the internet and making their first decision about it on the same. Consulting a salesperson became secondary with time. As of June 18, 55.1% of the world’s population has access to the internet and the numbers are increasing rapidly. This indicates the bright future and enormous benefits of Digital Marketing in the coming age.

So let us begin understanding the examples of Digital marketing campaign thoroughly in the simplest manner. Digital Marketing can be explained as promoting your products or service at all the available digital platforms mainly internet and mobile phones. Let us try to understand it with the help of infographics.


Email marketing is the form of direct marketing where a business can directly speak to one of the prospects in person. It can directly send emails, enquires, promotional emails etc.

For ex., sending a welcome e-mail to registered users, replying to an inquiry or sending a discounted offer etc. It is subdivided into two major categories.

email for remarketing

Electronic Direct Mailer: Electronic Direct mailer which is also known as eDM is a type of e-mail marketing where a company builds an email database and target them through emails. These emails can be promotional, of the discounted offer, product release, invitation to customers, etc. These emails are generally sent to customers who have opt-in to get promotional emails from the company. Thus it ensures high open rate and click rate of emails. 20% – 40% are considered to be healthy open rates. Pictorial emails received from e-commerce giants like Flipkart and Amazon during their Diwali sale are examples of eDMs

E-mail Newsletter: Newsletters are the e-mails received on a regular basis. This includes primary information or a string of information in it. This information could be anything mutually relevant to the sender and receiver. Newsletter hardly promotes a product (generally it should not) rather it engages a customer by providing personal or public information relevant to the receiver. Personally, my inbox includes regular newsletters from Times of India and marketing expert Neil Patel.


Social Media Marketing itself is a self-explanatory word which means promoting or marketing your product or service on the social media platform. This media includes platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram etc.Social media marketing is used as a branding tool and can increase awareness, conversion, sales tracking, page views, and exposure.SMM is a simple and low-cost way of bringing traffic to the website.

Social Media marketing agency

A business can create its Id or page on Social Media platform and run campaigns to indulge target customers in direct interaction. Let us take an example of “Loco”- a live trivia game show, their marketing team ran campaigns on Twitter and Facebook. By providing hints on their social media handle they gathered more than 10 million followers within just 6 months of their launch.


A search engine is an internet-based tool that searches an index of documents or image for a particular term, phrase or text specified by the user.The basic source of traffic on the internet is the search engine and to lead on the search engine result page, Search Engine Optimization is done.

sreach engine optimization

Some of the search engines are Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, MSN, AOL, etc. Below is the global market share of search engines as of October 2018

Google- 92.74%,

 Yahoo- 2.32%,

 Bing- 2.17%,

Baidu- 0.81%

Keywords: The most important part of the Search engine is Keywords. Keywords are the “search queries”. If we squeeze everything on webpage i.e. images, text, videos, etc. to simple words, those are the keywords. Keywords are the link between what people are searching on the internet and what content is provided by the web page. There can be a singular keyword or long-tail keywords depending on the requirement and necessity. A singular keyword can be quiet unclear and confusing. If a user searches for “Gym”, you don’t know what actually the user is looking for. Whether is he looking for a Gym to join, Gym equipment, Gym as a profession or just pictures of Gym. On other hand, long tail keywords can give a clear picture of the user’s requirement and be more specific. So to conclude the above we can say that long tail keywords have more focus and conversion rate and on the other hand are more cost effective when compared to short keywords.

Web Content: The content of the articles of your website plays an important role to promote your website on search pages. According to the new rules of digital marketing, elements or quality of content should be in such a way that, it should improve the visibility and ranking of the website on search engine. To ensure to have the best website in your sector, try to get in nice and easy to read text. The text should be original and unique, and not copied from any other sources. Copied text gets penalised and ultimately results in downgrading of your ranking.

Backlink Building: Whether you are naive or professional to backlink building, I am sure you will definitely learn something from this article. If simply put forward, it is the process of linking your website on other websites.It should be used as a primary digital marketing tool to drive referral traffic and increase the site authority.

backlink for seo

Building link is one of the important tactics used in search engine optimization (SEO), because it remains as a primary method for the search engine to determine which site ranks for which keywords. Thus we can conclude that sites with more backlinks tend to earn higher rankings.


Pay per click which is also known by the term Cost per click, is a most popular form of advertising on social media. This digital marketing media campaign is mostly run on search engines.

Here the advertisers pay the host each time their advertisement is clicked by users. PPC campaign is beneficial in many ways, like it gives instant results, it allows having proper control over your campaign and associated cost, liberty to pay only for performance and also live time campaign can be fixed.

There are various types of advertisement run on PPC module, let us take an example of Google search engine and try to understand their online advertisement option like Google Ads, Shop on Google etc.

Google Ads: Google Ads is Google’s online advertisement facility provided to users to promote, sell, and raise awareness of their products or services on their search engine.

As in the above image you can see I have distinguished different section of advertisement to explain it to my readers. Now a question should be arising in your mind that how Google determines which ad is shown where? For that Google looks at two primary factors to determine which ad is positioned where.

Let us try to understand it with the help of table;

So we can conclude that the best match of PPC Bid and quality score wins the race.
Google Shopping: Shopping campaigns help you promote your products by giving detailed information about your products and services before they even click your ad. This campaign can be either in form of display pictures or videos. It provides you with more traffic, better-qualified leads, easy retail-centric campaign management, and broader presence. If you are a retailer, you can definitely go for Google Shopping campaigns to increase traffic of your shopping website or local store. It also lets you promote your online and local inventory.

Learning about PPC Marketing campaign would be incomplete without having knowledge about bidding and its type. Bidding is nothing but an auction of keywords. Many people bid for the same keywords, but Google has limitations of ad space that’s where bidding enters to simplify the competition. As described above, bidding along with quality score determines your Ad rank.

Bidding can be of two types or say we have two options to bid for a keyword,

Manual Bidding: This method gives you freehand to set the maximum cost- per- click for a keyword or a group of keywords. It gives you the liberty to set the maximum amount you are willing to pay for each click on your advertisement.

Automated Bidding: This strategy automatically sets bid of keyword for your ads. It sets unique bid for each auction, based on the available information during the auction. This info includes day, time, user’s device, location, operating systems, browser etc.


Online presence is a synonym to web presence, which is often confused with the website. However, web presence and website are very far for being the same thing. Web presence is the collective existence of your business online and the website is one part of it. Online presence is the sum of all identities one has created, both personal and business driven and the interactions to those identities have established online. Opportunities and obstacles go hand in hand if talked about online presence. It reduces marketing cost and increases sales but the real benefit may not come up if not manages properly. It increases traffic to you, allows customer engagement and feedback however also attracts negative feedback and hacking risks.

Website: A website, also written as the website or simply site is a collection of relatable web pages containing text, images, videos or other digital assets. This is a collection of interlinked web pages which are publically accessible and share a single domain name. A website can also be understood as the face of business on the internet. Websites are available in a nearly countless variety right from educational websites, e-commerce websites, news websites, video websites, blogs & forums websites, Directory websites, Business portal websites, portfolio websites, podcast websites, affiliate websites etc. The website, if manages properly can boost your ranking and make you available 24/7 for everyone. A website should be SEO friendly i.e it should allow the search engine to explore and read the pages across the website. The search engine can easily crawl and understand the content of your website should be the first priority to ensure more visibility in search result pages. A web crawler often called as ‘spider’ or only crawler is an internet bot that systematically browses throughout the internet for the purpose of web indexing.

Blogs: What if there are some examples of digital marketing strategy that would increase leads by 60 percent, make it ten times additional possible that you would just relish a positive ROI for your efforts and ensure you to receive 90 percent more links to your website? Would you welcome that strategy? Yes, of course, I must say. So, if you have embraced digital marketing to promote your business, you should know that your website plays a vitally important role in doing so. And blogging helps your website do its job. So, once you have optimized your website and getting enough traffic to your site, a good blog will keep your client interested in interacting with you. By proving content via blog that answers to the questions of your client, address their issues and provide solutions, you will convert traffic into qualified leads. As the leads keep coming back to read your latest blog, you will start to develop the relationship with those leads. And when it is time for your lead to make purchase your brand will be in top of their mind and thus can conversion happens.

Forums: Forums, unlike blogs, gives you real-time conversation experience with your customer and vice versa. As your business grows a community will be created, though you did not want to be part of it. You have people related to you outside be it customer, clients or fans talking about you. Thus to monitor and control these conversations you can introduce a forum where these people can interact with you. To start this, the first step is to choose the right idea or concept for your forum. There comes some variant of business where adding forum does not make sense. Let’s take an epoxy floor maker, not a very exciting topic but broad and interactive.

– Create a community forum about epoxy flooring.

– Create a question and answer community where people can ask questions and expert can increase their reliability and credibility.

– Create a support system so customers can get help and people can search and get 24/7 solution.

As this forum grows you can use the ad space to promote your own product.


I hope you must have enjoyed my writing and I have made my points clear. As of today Digital marketing is the simplest and one of the most effective way of promoting your brand. For any queries you can comment below.

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